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Beer and food, Wine and food….Good Friends, Good Times

Bring on the Beer~
Bring on the Beer~

Wine and food pairing is well known.  Beer and food pairing is on the rise!!  We took a beer tasting and food pairing class that really opened our eyes and our palate to pairing beer and food.

Often, we order the beer sampler at one of our favorite local brew pubs.  This allows us to really experience all the Brew Master has created and really introduces us to different beers.

This is similar to Wine Tasting, in the class we took we sampled all types of beer, including some dark beers paired with chocolates – it was quite a palate pleasing experience.  Recently we were talking about this with a friend who owns a local restaurant and she agreed and had really never experienced beer and food pairing but it was opening a whole new ‘foodie’ experience for her.

We welcome ‘foodies’ at Siloam Retreat.  The Retreat House is set up with entertaining in mind and our fully equipped cook’s kitchen allows guests to create food and serve it up in an environment that works for Wine and Food Pairing or Beer and Food Pairing……Good Friends, Good Times.  “Welcome Foodies in the House!!”~

Beer On the Peninsula- HOPSTOCK

homerightIt is a well known fact that we enjoy Wine Tasting, especially private/individualized tastings.

Bring on the tastings and touring on the Kitsap Peninsula we have several independent wineries and vineyards and now also several independent breweries.

A flavor for everyone!!  We often will pour beer in stemware for someone who claims they don’t like wine.

Don’t like wine?  You really should keep giving it a whirl; it’s different glass by glass, varietal by varietal and always worth a sip.

Coming soon to the Peninsula is the Greater Peninsula Beer Festival:  Hopstock:  June 20-26th


Beer tasting is equally fun and palate pleasing- join us for some or all of the Hopstock Events… us for a special Hopstock Package and stay at Siloam.

Oceans…Beaches…..Natural Beauty

Washington State Beaches
Washington State Beaches

June 8th is Ocean Day:

We love to visit the Washington, Oregon, California Coast and the Eastern & Jersey Shore……as a matter of fact we love our Oceans and waterways.

There is something so calming about the Ocean.  It seems to put one in perspective about how small we are and how large the Ocean is.

Siloam Retreat is located in Scenic Seabeck on the Upper Hood Canal.  The Hood Canal is somewhere to explore:

We encourage you to come out to Siloam for a stay and travel around the waterways, explore Puget Sound, come by Washington State Ferry to really take in the views and experience the width, depth and expanse of the waters, the beauty, the Peninsula, and the Salt Water Air~

Siloam on the Upper Hood Canal
Siloam on the Upper Hood Canal