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Kosher Wine for Passover-Something to think about….

Wine Tasting
Wine Tasting

Our awareness has just increased- it’s one of those out of sight out of mind things.  We have just never given much thought to wine’s ‘kosher-ness’.

Thanks to our good friend Gary V- he’s every-one’s good friend, right?  We are now aware of Kosher wines and are feeling somewhat proud of this awareness.  We wanted to know- it’s just not something we ever thought of.

We encourage everyone to check out Gary’s Thunder-show about Kosher Wines- just so you know……something to think about.

May we all be blessed with Happy Passover and a Happy Easter with lots of wine -(Kosher) -good wine, good friend, good times………

Cheers ~

April Rain brings May Flowers


Reports from Puget Sound Grape Growers indicate local vineyards have bud break, soon the vines will be covered in new shoots of green leaves and then fruit!!

Here at Siloam Retreat we have plenty of daffodils and tulip buds the iris in the pond is reaching up and the main lawn served us well last weekend for the wedding.

We can get some crazy spring weather; dumping rain all day yesterday and into the night, hail today, thunder and more rain, then sunshine, then rain……

The sunshine and rain has a positive affect on blooming, the gardens and lawn area at Siloam always provide sights to see….the pond is in it’s ever changing state.  We have seen some ‘fry’ (little baby fish) and we were just checking out the opening day of fishing for our area at the mountain lakes which will come soon in April.

Between the rain showers, we encourage you to get out and enjoy the great outdoors, head on over to Siloam Retreat in scenic Seabeck for a private wine tasting and a picnic on the main lawn.  We have broke out the lawn games; horseshoes, washer boards, boccee and croquet.   There so much to do in the area, so much to see, explore the Hood Canal and the Great Peninsula!!

We have the new door in the game room for easy access from the main lawn to the pool table and mini-bar.  Give us a call and arrange your visit 360-830-4801.

Door to the Game Room
Door to the Game Room

Love is in the air~

We are pleased to announce that there is a new venue for weddings in Kitsap County.  Yesterday, we had our first wedding ceremony at Siloam Retreat.  The weather cooperated, we were able to gather around the pond, the couple was joined by close family and a reception celebration was held in the Wine Shop immediately after the ceremony.

Wedding at Siloam
Wedding at Siloam


We had a champagne toast upon entering the shop, there was a fire inside and outside, some hung out and played pool, some dancing, good food, good times, and good wine.

Weddings are reminders of love, blessings and a renewal…..we would like to host a wedding everyday and fall in love everyday.

Maybe you will consider having a ceremony, wedding or any other type of ceremonial event here at Siloam Retreat in scenic Seabeck on the Kitsap Peninsula.

Wedding Season at Siloam

Main Lawn at Siloam
Main Lawn at Siloam

The Wedding Season is upon us; we have our first wedding of the season scheduled here at Siloam Retreat in scenic Seabeck tomorrow.  We are all set for the ceremony and pleased to have visitors and guests on property for the event which will take place on the main lawn- weather permitting.

Should it rain-which we have to expect in Northwest Washington; we will quickly move inside to the Wine Shop which allows for up to 50 people.  Weddings have a traditional agenda or sequence: 

The Bride is traditionally given away……in most cases by her father.  This is not a requirement and our cermony set for tomorrow will not have this element.

A welcome message to family and friends……we will have a welcome to Siloam and thank you for attending.  This seems necessary to recognize your loved ones attendance and involvement in your lives.

Marriage Vows can take on all kinds of shapes, meanings, messages, rhymes and reasons.  Our ceremony tomorrow will be short and sweet.  This is a second marriage, a new beginning; the couple has asked for a brief message about their commitment to each other and a blessing over their lives together-so be it!!

Then comes the celebration- ‘let the good times roll’ and as the groom has requested:  “Let’s get this Party Started….”

The happy couple has ordered a personalized wine label with their photograph and the date to mark the occassion, which is a very nice touch and will allow them to cellar a selection and have later at each anniversary.

Here’s to love!!  And knowing it’s never too late for happy ever after.  Julie will perform the ceremony tomorrow and we have other weddings booked in the future.  What a blessing to have Siloam Retreat filled with love and cherished memories of good times, good wine, family and friends.

Visiting Seabeck, Washington

Scenic Seabeck is located on the Upper Hood Canal; it is one of THE MUST VISIT PLACES in the Pacific Northwest.  We have visited Peggy’s Cove Novia Scotia and find that Seabeck is kinda like Peggy’s Cove.  Described as a photographer’s paradise and a relaxed atmosphere- we’d say that sounds like Seabeck.  For a glimpse at Peggys Cove check out:

Peggys Cove
Peggys Cove
Even the photographs are similar, when our marina is done here in Seabeck we should have visitors from all over coming out to enjoy our relaxed atmosphere, and certainly to photograph our beautiful scenery.  We really do have some of the most breathtaking views of the Olympic Mountains here in Seabeck.  There is also abundant wildlife, plenty of opportunities to snap some great photos and while you’re in the area visit Siloam.  Perhaps you’ll come by for a private wine tasting, perhaps an overnight or perhaps just to visit, the ride out to Siloam Retreat is relaxing in itself, no stoplights, no traffic, just trees, trees, more trees, lakes and then the breathtaking view of the Olympic Mountains.
Recently we hosted guests from Arizona; they had been to the Bremerton, Washington area before but Seabeck was not somewhere they were familiar with and they felt as though they really retreated from everything and everywhere else.  The atmosphere was like no other, relaxing and so enjoyable that they wanted to share it with all of their friends and family and keep coming back.
Those guest may not come by boat but we hope to soon have guests enjoying our new Marina and visiting us here at Siloam Retreat in scenic Seabeck.
Scenic Seabeck
Scenic Seabeck