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Wine Tasting with Friends

The Joy of Wine Tasting with Friends
The Joy of Wine Tasting with Friends

Tonight we are schedule for a Private Wine Tasting off-site for a ‘Girls Night Out’.  There’s almost nothing better than a group of girlfriends getting together for a wine tasting.  Swirling, Sniffing, Sipping Wine sharing memories, stories, experiences, and laughter; we are sure to have a good time!!

Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop is available through WineShop At Home: to provide Private Wine Tastings either on or off site.  WineShop At Home is a unique boutique winery located in Napa, CA.  Unique because we bring the wine country to you through Private Wine Tastings, through our Monthly Wine Club and through our handcrafted artisan wines available only through WineShop At Home.

Share with your friends and family schedule a Private Wine Tasting today!!  Allow us to bring the wine country to you, here at Siloam Retreat located in scenic Seabeck, WA or there at your home or office a Private Wine Tasting is a great way to enjoy some great wine, good friends and fellowship.


Retreat, Relax, Re-unite, Rejuvinate-Reward yourself
Retreat, Relax, Re-unite, Rejuvinate-

Today, Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop listed with Retreat Finder: who define retreat as:

A retreat serves the body, mind and spirit by allowing time to find greater inner peace. When you find inner peace, you move the world toward peace. This is why it is vital to escape from the world’s bombardment of sounds and images and take time for the mind and heart to come to stillness.

Why retreat?
People go on retreat for a number of reasons that generally focus on positive personal change:


  • Reconnect to your true self
  • Learn and practice methods to better yourself and your life
  • Relax at a deep level
  • Rejuvenate your Spirit
  • Take time for reflection
  • Gain clarity on an issue or your life path
  • Find meaning in your life beyond daily or material concerns
  • Heal
  • Practice your Faith
  • Contemplate
  • Create

One of the most popular styles of retreat at Siloam has been to re-connect, we have another group scheduled to arrive soon who will stay for three days to retreat from their daily lives and connect with each other.  Shortly after that group departs another group will arrive who will be focusing on leadership for their annual leadership retreat.

For your own personal retreat from intimate to extravagant; Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop should be considered. Located in scenic Seabeck, Washington nestled in the woods for privacy near Thauya State Forest in Kitsap & Mason Counties, less than two hours from Seattle with overnight accommodations for groups of up to 12 people and events for up to 50 people, the Innkeepers will help make your retreat dreams real!

Veterans Day- Uncorked- Here’s to You!!

Thank You~
Thank You~

Perhaps it’s that we are getting older but Veterans Day has more meaning to us as each year passes.  When we were younger it was just another day off from school or work; but now we find ourselves truly recognizing the day, tender with emotion and heartfelt appreciation for all the men, women, and families who serve and have served our country.

Tonight, we raise our glass to you!!  Throughout the day our thoughts go out to all who serve and have served.  Especially the families of those who serve; living in an area like Kitsap County, we are constantly reminded of the dedication and support of the military family.  Naval Base Kitsap is the largest naval organization in Navy Region Northwest and is comprised of installations in Bremerton, Bangor and Keyport all right here on the Kitsap Peninsula.

As always we want to honor men and women of the armed services and will continue to reach out to military families offering military discounts and exceptional packages to families visiting the area.

There are many activities for military families in our area to participate in for more information visit: and if Private Wine Tasting; gathering with family and friends for an overnight stay at Siloam Retreat, or celebrating special occasions is in your plans, please contact us to make arrangements.  We would love to hep and make sure you have everything you need to make your visit, stay, and/or event memorable.

Unique Wine Gifts at
The Golfer


You’ve seen the traditional wine gift baskets; well now you have seen and know where to get the most unique Wine Gifts:   At, there is something for every wine lover on your gift list.  


Choose a wine bottle holder for nearly anyone, whether they enjoy golf or are a professional wine taster!

The Wine Taster
The Wine Taster


And there’s more and more whimsical, fun, unique wine gifts that your friends will be talking about forever:  “Where did you get that?!” 

“I heard about it at Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop in Seabeck, WA on the Kitsap Peninsula.  They had this groovy little wine holder, I’ve never seen anything like it!”
Guitar Wine Rack
Visit their website: you will find something for everyone on your wine gift list. 
They even make a scuba diver.  These are the most whimsical, unique wine gifts you will find, you could even start a collection as there are several different golfers to choose from and even more wine enthusiast like the Sommelier.
The Sommelier
Scuba Steve
The Putter
We all have a street rider on our wine gift list right?  These wine gifts are perfect for year round gift giving, they also do custom engraving for corporate gift giving:  add a personalized bottle of wine:
The Chopper

For great wine gift ideas and wine accessories for all occasions, check out Metal Imagination’s top-notch selection. Replace the tired old usual wine gift bags and baskets with something unique and different this year. These Wine Holders are HOT!! The latest trend in wine gift giving — you saw it here first.

Beer the Wine Alternative

The Wine Alternative
The Wine Alternative

It’s nearly as exciting as Wine Tasting and it’s definitely a different taste.  So when you get “Wined-Out” beer is a very nice alternative.  The Craft Beer Scene is certainly what we’re about- beer tasting, beer samples, and the abundant flavors of craft beers.

Beer and Food is another experience there are delicate beers for delicate foods, there are dessert beers that offer sweetness, richness a chocolaty sensation or roasted flavor.

Like wine beer offers several differnt types or varietals and there is a glass for each one-similar to wine.  Beer is to wine what pork is to chicken.

When we are not drinking wine, we will be enjoying a nice craft beer!  For more information about beer in the Northwest visit: and for more information about beer in general visit:

And an additional shout out to our good friend who we don’t see enough-Tomas Munoz, Brewer/Sales at Silver City Brewery in Silverdale, WA:

A beer with Tomas is a delicious pleasure!!  Thanks for allowing us to experience beer in a whole new way.