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It’s raining pine needles

Change of Season
Change of Season

Yesterday, we had a wind storm and it was raining pine needles, now the ground is covered with hints of gold, orange, red and green.

Today, we have blue sky, the air is brisk, but it is not raining.  We also lost power yesterday around 2 PM- it was out for a few hours, but with a back up generator and emergency lighting we survived.

Soon Siloam Pond that changes every day will be covered by a thin layer of ice and snow, it seems to happen that fast.  Today is Halloween and before you know it we will see the first snowflake fall.

It’s beautiful in all seasons here at Siloam we get to experience pretty drastic changes.  You are encouraged to visit, visit for the day for a Private Wine Tasting; we are in Kitsap County- less than 2 hours from the Seattle area, in scenic Seabeck-we are close enough to get-away; make your plans to visit today.


Passion for Salmon Fishing

Salmon Fishing in Seabeck
Salmon Fishing in Seabeck

John ‘Skipper’ Iversen — 38lb King Salomon August 18 2002

Last night we were talking about what we are passionate about.  Jeff offered up his passion for fishing; he does not get to fish as much as he would like, however it is something he is passionate about and knows that others are passionate as well.

In the Puget Sound area you don’t have to search far to find someone passionate about fishing.  Seabeck is one of the fishing hot-spots on the Hood Canal, with the Annual Salmon Derby and other fishing opportunities, our nice boat launch, and beautiful scenery it’s no wonder!!
If you share a passion for fishing- you will find a home here at Siloam Retreat, we are not only minutes from the Seabeck boat launch, we are surrounded by several mountain lakes offering fantastic fresh water fishing opportunities.
We recently hosted guests who fished their way through their stay here at Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop.  We have also had guests who have done some shell-fishing:  clams and oysters.  The Kitsap Peninsula especially here in Seabeck on the Upper Hood Canal area is rich in wildlife.  Come for a visit-enjoy all the Siloam has to offer.

What’s your Passion?

Welcome to The Wine Shop
Welcome to The Future Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop

The word passion evokes a stirring, passion is love, it’s what you love, it’s what fuels you, it’s what completes you.  Passion is a strong feeling or emotion. 

 What’s your passion?  What are you most passionate about?  It’s a really good question, better than what’s your 5-year?  They go hand in hand your 5 year and your passion, but like many of you (maybe) we have an uneasy stirring to talk about our passion.

Gary Vee calls his wine blog the most passionate wine program- and the dude is passionate- he’s crushing it!!
We are passionate about wine & hospitality, that’s right not just wine but wine with people.  We love bringing people together, welcoming people, introducing people to each other and introducing them to wine and the wine lifestyle.
Hospitality is the cordial reception of guests- that’s what were passionate about- we are real people reaching out to real people, pouring wine, sharing experiences, learning from one another, creating lasting relationships and bringing wine to the table.
Host a Private Wine Tasting here or there, we will bring the passion.  We are so passionate about Wine & Hospitality we are adding the Wine Shop to Siloam Retreat.  The plans and design are evolving while I type, but were passionate about it.  We know we will entertain in the Wine Shop it will be a great space, about 1000 square feet of “coolness” for people to gather together in celebration here in Seabeck at Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop.  Check it out!!  Stay Tuned…..

Good Friends, Good Wine, Good Times….

Surround yourself with friends
Surround yourself with friends

Wine tasting is more fun as a group.  You not only get to experience your own palate, sensation, and description of the wine; you get to share that with the group and glean from their experience with the wine as well.

Good friends are an essential part of life; life is too short to hold grudges and hostility towards friends.  While confrontation can be difficult, awkward and uncomfortable- it’s absolutely necessary to confront friends with love, understanding, patience, and tolerance.  We have great friends and often get together and have great times, fond memories; we consider ourselves good friends and find we are thinking about friendship more these days, perhaps it’s an aging thing.  As your children grow and move on with their own lives, your friends take more of a center stage, you find yourself with adequate time to be a good friend.
There is a good link for this topic:
Basic Steps to being a good friend:

1.     Be real.

2.     Be honest.

3.     Be loyal

4.     Be respectful

5.     Pitch in

6.     Give advice, add perspective.

7.     Don’t be selfish. Learn to share.

8.     Live by the golden rule. Always treat a friend as you would want to be treated. If you don’t there will be repercussions. Don’t do or say anything to them that you wouldn’t want done to you. Be there for them through thick and thin -learn to forgive, and apologize.

     Practice being  a good friend, celebrate life with friends over a glass of wine, get away together, we often host groups of friends and events here at Siloam we love hearing the stories of why people are getting together.  It makes our lives richer to know the we were able ot help by providing our Siloam standard of service, assisting with the details, allowing the fun to take place here at Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop in scenic Seabeck on the Upper Hood Canal, Kitsap Peninsula.

Retreat from a Rainy Day in the Pacific Northwest from A-Z

Accept the Rain

Be Brave and go out in the Rain

Challenge yourself to rise about the dark clouds

Drink more wine…wine the rain away

Eat comfort food-paired with wine..

Finish an indoor project with a nice glass of wine

Get your body into a new yoga position

Hang in there

Isolate yourself….solitude is good for the soul

Juxtapose the Rain

Kill time by reading a good book

Lounge around with a nice glass of wine

Make a pot of soup…..pair with wine….

Nestle up with your partner

Occasionally add soft lighting to emulate the Sun

Position yourself to accept more rain, it’s inevitable in the Puget Sound

Query your friends to see what they are doing-it’s a better Retreat with friends and wine…..



Take time out of your once very hectic schedule to allow the rain to cause your own Private Retreat

Uncover your inner child with a child-like activity:  coloring, playing board games, watch your favorite Disney Movie

Viognier chilled would have you retreat to a warm sunny day memory….drink more wine….

Wishful thinking may help the rain go away

X-ite yourself by trying something new

Yearn for the sun, check the temperature in the tropics

Zap away any negative rainy thoughts, after-all it’s only rain.

Rain is part of life in the Northwest.  While it’s sometimes difficult to embrace the rain, there are ways to retreat from it.  The last thing you would want is to let the rain get you down; it’s raining today in Seabeck at Siloam Retreat-we shall use this day to accomplish great things that we otherwise would not be able to if it were not raining- it’s suppose to rain tomorrow as well, perhaps a nice two day indoor project. 

“Determine never to be idle….It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing.”  Thomas Jefferson, U.S. President and Statesman, 1743-1826