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Kitsap Wine Festival

Join in the Wine Fun
Join in the Wine Fun

The inaugural Kitsap Wine Festival at Harborside Fountain Park is a celebration of food and wine on Bremerton’s scenic waterfront, benefiting Harrison Medical Center Foundation.

This festive outdoor walk-around event will feature wine tasting from twenty Northwest wineries and cuisine provided by Chef Marsha Henry of Kitsap Conference Center, Chef Shawn Walker of Anthony’s at Sinclair Inlet and a variety of local artisan food producers. Guests can meander through the spectacular Harborside Fountain Park, enjoy live music and take in views of Puget Sound and the Port of Bremerton Marina.

  WINERIES: Forgeron Cellars, SYZYGY, Balboa Winery, Chateau Ste. Michelle, Columbia Winery, Hard Row to Hoe, Novelty Hill, Mercer Estates, DiStefano Winery, Whidbey Island Winery, Gordon Brothers Cellars, Hightower Cellars, Camaraderie Cellars, Olympic Cellars, Vin du Lac, Domaine Ste. Michelle, Snoqualmie Winery, Dusted Valley Vintners, Revelry Vintners, Thurston Wolfe Winery, Yellow Hawk Cellar, Zero One Vintners, Isenhower Cellars, Northwest Totem Cellars, Beresan Winery, Tagaris Winery, Eliseo Silva, Kiona Vineyards and Winery, Domaine Drouhin, WillaKenzie Estate, Ponzi Vineyards, Dunham Cellars, Corliss Estates, DeLille Cellars, and more.
  PLUS: Amy’s Chocolates, Crimson Cove Smoked Salmon, Monica’s Waterfront Bakery & Cafe, Mt. Townsend Creamery, Puget Sound Wine CellarsSound Bites Sauce and Spread Co., Water to Wine.
  TICKETS: $45 per person. Net event proceeds will benefit Harrison Medical Center Foundation. Tickets are also available for purchase at Kitsap Conference Center.

  PARKING: Available at the parking lot adjacent to the ferry terminal. No car is needed for those arriving by ferry from downtown Seattle, as the event takes place immediately next to the ferry terminal along the marina.

The Prosecco Trend


We are definitely sparkling wine fans so it’s easy to see why we have been turned on to Prosecco lately.  A varietal once rarely mentioned now seems to be everywhere!!   Prosecco is Italy’s Sparkling Wine traditionally made from Prosecco grapes; it tends to be dry, lemony and bubbly and it’s affordable; a good value wine.

Now in all it’s trendiness, you may of heard of Prosecco, you may be a fan yourself.  Today,you may find Prosecco as a blend with Pinot Grigio.  The fermentation process is different than champagne, for more information visit: . 

We celebrated last night with a toast, Prosecco in our glass and the conversation was- what exactly is Prosecco and why is it so trendy all of the sudden?  We were out in Seattle and Prosecco was on the happy hour list, a wine bar in Port Angeles had a Prosecco tasting; it seems to be everywhere, if you have not had a sip-go for it!!!  Enjoy! ~Cheers

Cedar Cove Days

Lodging Available for Cedar Cove Days
Lodging Available for Cedar Cove Days

Our home town of Port Orchard, Washington is being transformed into Cedar Cove from the books of the well known author:  Debbie Macomber.  Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop is located about 20 short minutes from Cedar Cove/Port Orchard.  Siloam is an ideal place to stay to attend the Cedar Cove Events, contact us today for a special rate.  For more information visit:

Red Wine vs. White Wine in Value $$$


Red wine is typically more expensive than white wine; the wine making process tends to be more costly.  This has not always been the case, during prohibition white wine was selling for more because of demand; there were more red wine grapes than white.  For more information on this topic visit:

If you are looking for a good value wine check our supply: by far the best value and experience is to host your own private wine tasting where you can sample our latest releases before you buy and then buy by the case for the best value.


Siloam Stemware

Working for Wine at Siloam
Working for Wine at Siloam

Yes, it’s true; we have been known to recruit friends to work for wine at Siloam.  In the inserted photo we are working on Siloam etched stemware.  We decided to save some money and have each glass be unique, artistic if you will?  We are etching stemware with Armour Etch, it’s a fairly simple process.  To be truly artistic we are not following the directions but using our own creative free-hand to do the job.  We simply apply the etch with a toothpick; this method seems to work best as the toothpick is firm and easy to apply to the glass surface.  Allow the etch to sit on the glass for a few minutes, rinse and wa-la Siloam is etched on the wine glass permanently; even after washing in the dishwasher again, and again.

Join us sometime for a glass of wine in Siloam etched stemware or etch your own glass.