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Peacocks, Cougars and Bears oh my!!!

A Peacock at the Post Office
A Peacock at the Post Office

Life in Seabeck is quiet, when we are off the Siloam Retreat property heading to the Post Office lets say; we may pass six cars on the road, there are no traffic signals, it’s pretty quiet, no fast food, no chain restaurants, etc.

Today, on our way to the post office we did pass a Peacock walking down the side of the road and about a year ago we were stopped on our way to the post office by the very same giant black bear named in this video:

Cougars sightings as well……….oh my!!! We don’t want this to keep you from visiting Siloam Retreat in Seabeck, we want to entice you to come and see what you see.

Terroir- Wine Words

Wine is so cool, it has it’s own language; sure lots of the wine words are French or Italian but with our stronger and stronger American influence we are developing our own wine language as well.

We still get hung up on words, like Cuvee and terroir; click on the following link for pronunciation:

Without hearing the word, Americans like us would not pronounce terroir correctly; it’s a tough one!!

Remember wine is for real people; don’t hesitate to ask questions, give it a whirl try adding wine words to your wine speak and developing a wine vocabulary listen to the pronunciation of wine words like

Viognier- one of our favorite varietals so we no can say this with ease for pronunciation help click on the link: it helped to see this word phonetically spelled out as well:  vee-ohn-yay

Wine Basics
Wine Basics

Language is fascinating, we continue to add wine words to our wine speak, more wine words from WineShop At Home are in Wine Basics:  wine101 the guide used by wine consultants; the more you drink, the more you think-go wine tasting, host a private wine tasting, surround yourself with wine and the rest come; words and all!!

Cuvee – you learn something everyday….

Cuvee on a wine label
Cuvee on a wine label

Like us, you have most likely heard the term Cuvee before; perhaps unlike us you actually knew what it meant.  We never gave it much thought; but if we were asked on the spot-we thought it had to do with a grape varietal.  Cuvee is a french word, that’s no surprise!!

The other night while wine tasting the wine maker used the term -Cuvee, to describe a blend- that was our ‘ah-ha’ moment!!  Cuvee refers to wine being put into a vat or tank for a specific purpose; like a blend or a particular quality of wine.  For more information see Wikipedia:

At one point we were marketing a Cuvee Blanc for more information visit: at this point our Cuvee seems to be sold out.  Stayed tuned for more later.

Siloam – Time to Relax

A nap in the hammock
A nap in the hammock

We are always ready for guests at Siloam.   On the occasion that we are not entertaining guests you may find us napping in the hammock.  There is something so peaceful and lulling about being suspended between two trees, listening the the sounds of nature and the Siloam stream and waterfall that it’s easy to fall right to sleep even in the middle of the day- and there’s no guilt, your not a slacker, it’s all too important to TAKE TIME TO RELAX.

Relaxation comes easy here- for us, we just seem to have to give ourselves permission to relax.  Sometimes life happens at break neck speed, then when it slows down you find yourself wondering what’s going on??  Shouldn’t we be doing something??  That’s precisely the moment that you should TAKE TIME TO RELAX.  Come relax at Siloam.

A Taste of Siloam

Cooking Demonstration- Wine Release
Cooking Demonstration- Wine Release

Last night we hosted our first cooking demonstration at Siloam; thanks to a couple of friends for being our trial audience while we prepared Paella and Seafood Fettuccini with an electric skillet and a few crock-pots set up on the main lawn.

All the food, wine, and fellowship was fantastic; it did get a little chilly last night; but we managed to enjoy the evening and come inside as it cooled off.

We will certainly offer this again, meanwhile we want to provide the notes so you can try this at home.  We added a bottle of Fluer Bleu 2006 Zinfandel, the newest release from WineShop At Home, towards the end of the night to give it a swirl; it was the perfect night cap.  To order wine or for more information about WineShop At Home visit:

notes from cooking demo