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Wine Fog

Fog Zinfandel
Fog Zinfandel

The are several things that come to mind when ‘wine fog’ is mentioned.  We could be referring to the Summer months, up and down the California coast, when the fog shows a familiar cycle of rolling in over the land, often about 5 or 6pm, then rolling back out anywhere between 9am to Noon the next morning. This natural cooling and limiting of the sun’s effect is critical to the slow maturation of our grapes. Without this cycle grapes would ripen too fast and not have the time let flavors develop.  That’s a ‘wine fog’.

Another version of a ‘wine fog’ is something we hate to admit but all wine drinkers have experienced at one time or another.  This type of ‘wine fog’ is that feeling after having over-indulged, the lethargic, sand-paper mouth, fuzzy head, achy body, foggy feeling.  Admit it…………we have all been there but there are steps to take to avoid this type of ‘wine fog’……..

  1. Drink water
    One of the main reasons for a hangover is dehydration. Therefore, if you drink at least as much water as wine, you’re off to a good start. Lots of water just before going to bed is also a good plan. Eating while drinking massively reduces the absorption of alcohol, and milk really does line the stomach (although this is not necessarily a good pairing with wine-maybe a Brandy Alexander as a night cap?)
  2. Do certain wines may make it worse….?  In essence, the answer to this is yes, but it varies from person to person. With wine, if people are particularly headache-prone, many will report that they suffer far worse headaches from red wines than white. This isn’t just anecdotal; there is a scientific reason – the headaches are caused by a reaction to certain chemical substances found in black grape skins. However, it doesn’t apply to everyone. Certain people are also particularly sensitive to sulphur dioxide, an anti-oxidising agent added to just about all wines in an attempt to keep them fresh.

Wine fog is nothing to be embarrassed about, it happens to the best of us, speaking of embarrassed there is another interesting wine phenomena effect.  The “wine flush” this has to do with how we metabolize alcohol. Alcohol is absorbed through the stomach and small intestine. About 10 percent is eliminated by the kidneys, lungs, and sweat glands, but the rest is dealt with in the liver by two enzymes: alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH). It’s this second enzyme (ALDH) that is missing (or low) in up to 50 percent of Asian people, and is not present at all in most Native Americans and Inuits. People with less ALDH will often flush and sweat after drinking alcohol, and if their quantities of the enzyme are quite low, they may also become ill after drinking even small amounts of alcohol.  Recent studies also suggest women have fewer of these enzymes than men.

The wine flush ranges from a light pink to a deep red purple in our wine drinking experience, and for many it’s embarrassing, which is why we mention it and looked into it, there may be a cure for it.  Taking a Pepcid AC tablet before or during drinking, significantly reduced or may even eliminated ‘wine flush. ‘

After a few highly scientific tests, we have found that it really does work. How it works is a mystery that won’t be solved here. Pepcid AC contains Famotidine. According to, “Famotidine is a histamine-2 receptor blocker, or H2-blocker. It works in the stomach on a pump that releases hydrochloric acid when stimulated by histamine. Famotidine prevents histamine from stimulating this pump, thereby reducing the amount of acid that is released into the stomach.  Perhaps it not as important why it works, just that it does.

Fog Zinfandel is our top pick and is available through: Order it, Enjoy it, just keep yourself out of the ‘wine fog’.

Fleur Bleu- New Wine Label

Fleur Bleu Zinfandel
Fleur Bleu Zinfandel

Fleur Bleu is french for blue flower, it is also the name of our new wine brand.  In the early evening, when the shadows fall across the vineyards, one can often spot this perfect flower that in daylight is a bright hue but at dusk becomes blue, lit by the rising moon or an early star.

We were privileged to sample this new wine brand at WineShop At Home convention; it’s sure to be a big hit at wine tastings, it’s a smooth, sophisticated Zinfandel that the nose follows the palate, a balanced wine.

This wine will be released to Wine Club Members in July and will be available at Wine Tasting Events soon.  For more information about Wine Club and Wine Tastings, visit:

Napa Valley California Wine, Wine and more Wine

We survived our first WineShop At Home National Convention.  Survived with hundreds of bottles of wine behind us and new wine offerings in front of us.  We closed out  the session today with a taste of our new label Fleur Belau a very tasty Zinfandel that offers balance and complexity.

The setting was beautiful, the service exceptional-the event was held at the Meritage Resort: , the camaraderie among consultants will linger on until we all meet again.  Soon, Wine Consultants will be getting together for their incentive trip to Costa Rica and we just found out that our next incentive trip is to the Caribbean.  We also found out that our commissions have increased, which makes WineShop At Home even more attractive as a business opportunity.

We invite you to join the team, for more information visit:

Family Wine Business

Wine Barrels
Wine Barrels

As we travel around to different area wineries; we realize how entrenched the wine business is with family, many of the small and large vineyards, winemakers, owners, drinkers, etc.  are surrounded by family and often have family involved in the business, an association has been formed to advocate for family owned wine businesses, for more information, visit:  Family business and wine is just another attraction to the wine lifestyle for us; we are ‘all about’ wine & family. 

Today, we visited Duck Pond Cellars: a very kindred place, as you pull in you realize the ‘shop’ has been refurbished to resemble a colonial style mansion with English gardens.  During our tasting, we found out the Duck Pond is in the same family as Desert Wind:, a winery we have visited on a couple of occasions and continue to support by drinking and thoroughly enjoying their Ruah Blend.  Desert Wind is located just above the Yakima River, and like Siloam Retreat House offers Wine &  Accommodations.  Their label is interesting too, it’s done in a ‘torn sytle’ that follows the path of the river.

One of the things we like about the Ruah Blend is that Ruah means spirit in the wind or as the hebrew definition:  Ruah is the Hebrew word for breath or spirit, or it can mean the Holy Spirit …..


Similar to the Hebrew definition of Siloam, the pool of Siloam= healing water.  Wine, Family, Business, Hospitality-they go together like wine & cheese, wine  & chocolate; peanut butter and jelly, well you get the picture.  Consider joining the family- our Wine Club offers just that:

Pacific Northwest-Puget Sound

Puget Sound is a body of water lying east of Admiralty Inlet (Admiralty Inlet is a strait in the state of Washington connecting the eastern end of the Strait of Juan de Fuca to Puget Sound. The Sound lies between Whidbey Island and the northeastern part of the Olympic Peninsula), through which the ocean waters reach inland about 50 miles from the Pacific Coast to provide ports for ocean bound ships at Seattle, Tacoma, and Olympia.  The Puget Sound Waterway is a complex and intricate system of channels, inlets, estuaries, bays and islands.

Today, a description of the Sound includes the surrounding lowlands extending east to the Cascade Mountains and the various cities and towns around the Sound, including Whidbey, Camano, and Fidalgo islands as well as the Kitsap Peninsula.

Puget Sound, Washington Map 

Map Key


Belfair State Park
2 Deception Pass State Park
3 Fort Casey
4 Fort Ebey
5 Island Co. Historical Museum
6 Jarrell Cove State Park
7 Kopachuck State Park
8 Lake Sammamish State Park
9 Mason Co. Historical Museum
10 Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge
11 Old Man House
12 Scenic Beach State Park
13 Tolmie State Park
14 Twanho State Park
15 Wenberg State Park

Puget Sound
Puget Sound

Area Wineries

Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Island Vineyards and Winery. 682 State Highway 305, Bainbridge IS, WA 98110. Phone: 206-842-WINE.

 Port Angeles

Black Diamond Winery. 2976 Black Diamond Road, Port Angeles, WA 98363. Phone: 360-457-0748. E-mail

Camaraderie Cellars. 334 Benson Road, Port Angeles, WA 98363. Phone: 360-417-3564; Fax: 360-452-2015. E-mail

Harbinger Winery 2358 Highway 101 West,Port Angeles WA, 98363. Phone: (360)452-4262 website:

Olympic Cellars Winery. 255410 Highway 101, Port Angeles, WA 98362. Phone: 360-452-0160; Fax: 360-452-3782 . E-mail

Port Townsend

FairWinds Winery. 1984 Hastings Avenue West, Port Townsend, WA 98368. Phone: 360-385-6899. E-mail

Sorensen Cellars. 274 # S. Otto Street, Port Townsend, WA 98368. Phone: 360-379-6416. E-mail

Seabeck, Kitsap Peninsula

Private Wine Tasting:  Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop: