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Visitors in the area

Visiting Deer
Visiting Deer

Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop is located in one of the most beautiful, peaceful, scenic settings on the Kitsap Peninsula.  Yesterday morning we were greeted by a deer stopping by for a visit and honeysuckle breakfast.  People often work hard to keep deer out of their yards for fear the deer will make the garden area their salad bar.  We tend to allow them their space as we are in their territory; it’s really a case of who’s visiting who?  We welcome you to come and enjoy our many visitors, to sit back and relax in the peaceful setting.

To gain a perspective on our location, please check out the directions page on our website: you will be able to see where we are in relation to Hood Canal, Puget Sound, and Seattle.  Nearby Siloam is Scenic Beach State Park and the Port of Dewatto we also offer camping here at Siloam for larger groups and overflow; we have space available for large RV’s, Trailers and Tents.  For off-road vehicle recreation, the Tahuya State Forest Trail System and Staging Area is about 10 miles away for a map click:

There are several B & B’s in the area:  Wilcox House, Cady Lake Manor, and the Selah Inn  It would be easy to plan a trip around the Hood Canal with a visit to Siloam Retreat as one of the destinations.  We are 13 miles from the Bremerton Ferry and within 8-15 miles from top rated golf courses:  Gold Mountain, McCormick Woods, Trophy Lake and Kitsap Golf and Country Club  Whether you have a golf outing planned, a tour of the Kitsap/Olympic Peninsula, a B & B tour or just want to get away; Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop is definitely a place to visit.

Wine Tasting – For the Swirl of it..

Wine tasting (often, in wine circles, simply tasting) is the sensory examination and evaluation of wine. While the practice of wine tasting is as ancient as its production, a more formalized methodology has slowly become established from the 14th century onwards. Modern, professional winetasters (such as sommeliers or buyers for retailers) use a constantly-evolving formal terminology which is used to describe the range of perceived flavors, aromas and general characteristics of a wine

This definition is from Wikipedia

File:French taste of wines.JPG

For us wine tasting is simply 4 S’s-

  1. The See-holding the glass at an angle, examining the wine for clarity, color, lines, etc.
  2. The Swirl- to add air and free up the wine from having been trapped in a bottle.
  3. The sniff- to get ‘the nose’, ‘bouqet’, aroma of the wine
  4. The Sip-the best part, bringing the wine to your lips, into your mouth and ….
  5. Oh…….5 s’s swallow or spit……of course we swallow!

Tonight we will be hosting/guiding a Wine Tasting Event with Silpada Jewelry (a good pairing, right?)  For more information about Silpada, check out their website:  We thoroughly enjoy the art of wine tasting to see sippers gathered swirling, sniffing, sipping and swallowing is almost erotic.  That may be taking it a little far, but it is sexy!

Join us sometime for a wine tasting; come for a taste, stay for the lifestyle.  For more information about hosting your own private Wine Tasting Event go to our WineShop At Home website:

Screwed Cap- “Taint”

Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop
Siloam Retreat

The World of Wine is so interesting.  There tends to be pretension, pomp & circumstance around where the wine is from, who produced the wine, how it’s packaged (never out of a box?) and then there’s the screw cap!!  Around here, as mentioned in a previous blog; we have a difficult time keeping wine around- meaning there is not a huge cellar where we are aging wine for 5-10 years.  However, we have managed to cellar a few select bottles for over a year- that’s still not long enough to have noticeable change in the wine screwed cap or cork and yes we have had a box wine or two.  The trick with box wine is to decant it; it’s a win-win for wine, the presentation is better and the process introduces needed oxygen (air) to the wine.

Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop is all about removing the pretension from wine; introducing and enjoying wine, real wines for real people.  The screw cap is easy, that’s good, right?  It’s not sexy, romantic, or traditional; it’s just easy and with a young wine that your going to consume quickly (like drink the bottle tonight; finish tomorrow at the latest) a screw cap remains easy and acceptable.  We learned a trick to open a screw cap with flair; simply give it a start then roll it up your forearm and catch the cap with the other hand (you may need a demonstration for that, so contact us; let’s get together and open a few screwed cap bottles) we are sure to drink them, no worries there!

There is a lot of information ‘out there’ about screw cap vs. cork; check out Wine Library TV w/ Gary Vee towards the end of this episode there is a banter between Gary and his Guest about cork vs. screw cap.  Houge Cellars one of our favorite value wines has opted to go with all screw cap and claim that screw caps keep the wine freshest and eliminate cork taint; see their research at

Taint is an interesting word to describe something that’s gone ‘bad’.  We prefer to use ‘corked’ when referring to wine, don’t always assume a wine is corked; we opened a bottle the other day and the cork looked ‘taint’, ‘bad’, or as if the wine was ‘corked’ but after a sniff, swirl and sip; we were pleasantly surprised and were grateful that we were not decived by the ‘somewhat moldy’ cork. For a more educated description of taint check out the Enology Notes from the lab at Virginia Tech

It’s easy to get caught up in the language, romance, and experience of wine; just don’t forget what you like and why you like it, trust your palate, your instincts, your intuition, and your wallet.

Wine & Romance

Siloam Pond
Siloam Pond

Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop is partnering with Passion Party Consultant Hollie Henderson to host a private wine tasting event on Sunday, May 31, 2009 from 3-5 PM.  The main lawn area at Siloam will be set up for guests to taste & enjoy selected hand-crafted artisan WineShop At Home wines while hearing from Hollie about products that can boost your romance and relationship.  Check out Hollie’s website for a sneak peak at some of the products

Wine is a great way to start off your romantic time together.  WineShop At Home offers exclusive wines to see the selection of wines and wine products visit our WineShop At Home website:  It helps to set the mood with champagne or a nice dessert wine and strawberries or your favorite fruit, paired with just the right scented massage oil- a sure fire way to romance! 

Siloam is a spirited, romantic place; a perfect setting for leisure time, pair that with wine tasting and learning about romance products and like us you will find each other.  A little bit about us-Jeff & Julie Forville, Innkeepers/Hosts we have been married for over 20 years and our romance is still strong.  We have a natural balance and flow to our lives where we can spend time together to nurture our relationship.  In today’s busy times it’s all too easy to get distracted by emails, phone calls, text messages and the constant interruption from tasks and chores, this makes it even more important to get away.  Let us help you create a romantic mood get-way  for your wedding, honeymoon, anniversary or just because – the best reason to get-away and find each other.

The Perfect Climate for Wine

Washington State is known as the Evergreen State, visit Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop and you will know why, we are nestled in so many evergreen trees, you may think it’s Christmas.  Travel across the state into Eastern Washington as soon as you cross the imaginary line, you’ll forget why it’s the Evergreen State but instantly know why Washington is also becoming known as the Perfect Climate for Wine. 

We recently visited the Yakima Valley on our annual Wine Tasting Trip.  As we crossed over Snoqualmie Pass (at a snails pace, Friday May 22nd stuck in traffic for over 3 hours on I-90) and dropped over the imaginary line, we left the pine scented Christmas Tree smell for an aroma of sage, fruit, and dust from the camel shaped rolling hills mixed with a faint dampness from the irrigation systems.  Washington has two distinct sides to the state and while there is not an actual dividing line, you know when you cross it. 

The weather was perfect, the wine flowed, we visited for our first time: Barnard Griffin, Bookwalter, Columbia Crest 

and several others in the Columbia Valley, including Chandler Reach

We also re-visited some of our favorites and discovered new wines like:  Kitzke Cellars 

Martinez and Martinez 

for a complete list of Washington Wines, Regions, Wineries, and information about Washington as a wine producing region go to

We are fortunate to be able to visit, taste and experience Wines from Washington, we encourage you to support our state’s wine producers.  Head out, make a trip, get-away and experience wine–you won’t regret it; while it’s difficult to make the wine last; the memories last a lifetime.  We may cellar a few of our purchases, but we are also looking forward to sharing with family & friends-the best way to enjoy wine.