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Wedding Venues/Reviews


“The Siloam Retreat was a wonderful place to get married. Julie and Jeff were so accommodating and helpful. Our guests loved how beautiful the place was decorated on the inside. The gardens are fantastic!
Highly recommended. A must see!”

The above is a review from our most recent wedding couple-Thank You and Congrats!! Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop is a nice place to get married and have an indoor or outdoor wedding.  That being said, there are several nice outdoor wedding venues in Kitsap County.  Julie recently officiated a wedding at the Red Cedar Farm: very nice, very relaxing, with a country charm and farm elegance if you can image all those words going together.  Plenty of space too, Red Cedar Farm is a larger venue.  Siloam Retreat and Wine Shop is a more intimate venue–we love hearing from folks who were married here, celebrated here and just agree that the place is “cool”  -Please share your comments with us and with others.  Cheers ~

Girly Girl Get-Away Wine Retreat

“Talking for hours, feasting with friends, totally losing track of time”==A Girly Girl Get Away Wine Retreat at Siloam~

Featuring wines from Girly Girl: in a private wine tasting for you and your family/friends, a commemorative keepsake wine glass, an overnight stay in the Retreat House and Breakfast—“it doesn’t get any better than this!!”

Enjoy laughter, good times, good friends, good food, and good wine.  Girly Girl Get Aways are not just for girls at Siloam –you can create your own get-away; invite the guys allow them to participate in the Wine Tasting or schedule a Beer Tasting too if that is more to their style.  We can set up the Poker Table, allow use of the Pool Table or if you want just the girls –we can create a special ‘Girls Only Event’. 

As Innkeepers it is our pleasure to provide the service of Siloam, we enjoy hearing about your get-away plans and helping to prepare for your arrival, visit and stay.  Family, Friends, Co-Workers, Bridal/Wedding Parties–we really cater to all gatherings.

Girly Girl Wines are one of the Wines featured at Siloam–we also have exclusive wines from Napa, CA and other select Washington State Wines–just for you and your group.  Contact us today so we can start planning your Get-Away/Wine Retreat. 360.830.4801

Weddings in the Pacific Northwest

Undercover Wedding

When planning a wedding in the Pacific Northwest one needs to be prepared for rain.  We have had weddings where equipping guests with umbrellas was the rain plan….this works with a short ceremony and having the umbrellas serve as the guest take-away gift.

Short ceremonies seem to be the trend today; at least for weddings here at Siloam.  We had a wedding last year where guests simply gathered on the lawn around the couple for a few minutes while they read their vows and sealed their marriage with a kiss.  We have had other weddings where everyone is seated at the table where they will also have their reception meal.  One of the pleasures of being a host site for weddings is seeing how creative couples are with their plans.

Causual Gathering Wedding Ceremony
Wedding tent added to front of Wine Shop

Using tents as a rain plan is also very common the downside to this is if it doesn’t rain you are left with un-optional cover and the ‘circus tent’ look…tents can be dressed up and certainly provide peace of mind for added space and cover if it rains.

Adding Space for a wedding with a tent

Whatever you are planning we are here to help.  Allow us to provide the Siloam Service for your wedding or event here at Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop.

Minister prepared for wedding ceremony & rain

Love and Marriage-a cause for celebration

Weddings – We just celebrated Love and Marriage with couples who have been married here and who will soon be married here.

Siloam is a great place for celebrations, small weddings, and gatherings of all sorts.  The smallest wedding we have hosted was attended by about 15 people and the largest over 100.  Ideally the space works for about up to 50 people.

Weddings and celebrations have been outside on the main lawn, out back in the Orchard (a few apple trees)—and in the Wine Shop.  We have had tents on the lawn, in front of the Shop–receptions in the Retreat House, as well as dance floors in the Shop—dancing on the lawn always seems to work too.

We shy away from amplified music (a live band) and it’s best if quiet time is observed by 10 PM but other than that we are fairly flexible from “do it yourself” to a full wedding package with Officiate, Bar Service, Parking Service, On-site staff–Wine Tasting Weddings, Personalized Wine Labels—and the like.  From simple to elegant we are here to help every step of the way.

It’s coming on Spring–wedding season.  Contact us today to plan your celebration.  Cheers ~

Red Wine and Chocolate

Red Wine and Chocolate, Love and Marriage

Red Wine and Chocolate go together like Love and Marriage.  That’s why this year we will be celebrating the two together.  We have invited couples who were married here at Siloam back to join in fellowship with those who will be married here and just enjoy time with Red Wine and Chocolate, Love and Marriage.

It’s not difficult to pair Red Wine and Chocolate—-YUM….your palate is already primed for the pair.  Love and Marriage in today’s cynical tone, with divorce rates still climbing, is not as palatable.  We approach the subject with optimism and some history that with our 25 years of marriage it is possible to still be in love and Love and Marriage should be celebrated–like Red Wine and Chocolate–YUM, right?

In the past we have celebrated Red Wine and Chocolate/Valentines Day with Tango Night—also fun and a great way to enhance your Love and Marriage.  Tango is a romantic dance; it’s hard not to fall in love with the music, the embrace, the movement.

Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop is the perfect place for romance—passion—fueling your fire, whatever that means to you.  We hope you will share in this with us and thank you to all who have been married and had weddings here….we wish you tremendous love and happiness—let nothing come between you.  Cheers ~!!