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Wine, Women and Wisdom

The art of pause

I hope this finds you all well, enjoying summer and living liminal (what does that even mean, what does it mean to me, to you?).

let’s consider pausing. Pauses are extremely important, yet do we recognize them, know we are even in them, what was that? Ah, yes a pause……..

Basic human needs and condition are based on desire…. All actions are driven by desire. How many different actions have you engaged in today? How much rest have you had? DESIRE > ACTION > REST > DESIRE > ACTION > REST In the space between actions we can come to rest, wake up and come into the present. WE can be free of desire for a little while. It doesn’t have to be intense or prolonged ? Bring your body into view and connect with the breath or one of the senses. In the state of waking consciousness, the process of waking up, there are only two useful states of attention: ATTENTION OPEN where the attention is wide and open, not caught by anything in particular, but open to everything in general and ATTENTION CENTERED where the attention is focused on one thing with great clarity and precision. In waking sleep we do not have a choice; our attention is swept away like a leaf in the wind. Choice is only possible when we begin to wake up, when we practice giving our attention, rather than having it torn away by distraction.

Let us pause at Sunday’s gathering, those of you who have received a bell, please bring it wear it. As you move about and hear it’s ring, be there in the pause.

I like the image of an open triangle on the left side of the triangle is the need/desire on the left the action/awareness/presence, in the middle are our inner resources (the knowledge we already have) the top of the triangle is open for new knowledge, for pausing and experiencing that what is in front of us is our teacher, this moment…..

Wine, Women and Wisdom











This Friday, 6/21 Solstice/International day of Yoga and day of kindness, we are gathering to enjoy some wine, to gain some wisdom to finalize our body image session with a swim in the hood canal.  Imagine we are mermaids–we have created a work of art some collage, some watercolor, whatever the design it represents that part of us our inner mermaid.

The part of us that feels light, fluid in movement, strong in stamina, mystical and free.  We will be joined by a henna artist to decorate ourselves with imagery that seals the occasion as we move on to our next topic of living in the liminal.

For more information about Wine, Women and Wisdom–contact us.