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Wine, Women and Wisdom











This Friday, 6/21 Solstice/International day of Yoga and day of kindness, we are gathering to enjoy some wine, to gain some wisdom to finalize our body image session with a swim in the hood canal.  Imagine we are mermaids–we have created a work of art some collage, some watercolor, whatever the design it represents that part of us our inner mermaid.

The part of us that feels light, fluid in movement, strong in stamina, mystical and free.  We will be joined by a henna artist to decorate ourselves with imagery that seals the occasion as we move on to our next topic of living in the liminal.

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Change in movement








movement should happen with ease, moving should always be easy no matter if you are physically moving your home, your business, your body.  That being the case, it isn’t always.

We recently moved locations and now find ourselves living in the comfortable surroundings of the Port Ludlow Resort Community:

Moving the Siloam Retreat business once again, continuing our downsize, reducing our footprint and attempting to find a more balanced life.

Moving isn’t always easy.  Finding the right space, the right position, posture.  Still promoting relaxation through Yoga and Wine, working with Willamette Valley Vineyards:

And Eaglemount:

Nice, being with a local winery which has space for lodging, yoga and retreats.

Thank you for keeping in touch, for staying connected, for finding Siloam wherever we are, wherever you are, whenever you can, want, or need.

Cheers and Blessings

Jeff & Julie Forville



Summer Wine Events

Lots of events to mention:

Tasting Room at Eaglemount Wine and Cider: this Saturday, 7/14 noon-5PM

Woodland Park Zoo Tasting Flight:  Friday, 7/27 5-8PM

Kitsap Wine Festival:

Saturday 8/11/18 2-5PM And maybe some others….please keep in touch, keep checking back.

Cheers ~ The Wine Lady