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  Mondays - (Meditation / Yoga Massage)

  Tuesdays -
(Chair/Modified Yoga)

  Wednesdays - (Asana/Posture Clinic)

  Thursdays - (Balance Restorative/Rehab.)

  Fridays - (Movement Afternoon Happy Hour)

 Sundays - (Tea Gatherings) Meditation and

* Here, there, anywhere

Siloam offers services that connect the mind, body, and Spirit. Yoga is ancient as is wine, a sage described yoga as “preventive, healing art, science, and philosophy” for the purpose of blending the mind, body, and Spirit. Wine appears in ancient writings multiple times and was the first documented miracle in the scriptures.

Effective, evidence based, integrated, mind-body wellness yoga. Better with age- Yoga and Wine-personalized services that promote relaxation. Siloam-Yoga and Wine Retreats Click Here to Register for Yoga Sessions, Retreats, Online Sessions Available upon request

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